About Us

Raw Lounge is a unique dining experience nestled amongst the hustle of Artarmon industrial. Offering a variety of wholesome natural super salads, protein balls and hearty meals we are dedicated to providing nutritious, healthy and delicious food. Our french furniture is surrounded by natures plants and quirky objects of interest.

Dine In or Take With You.... Welcome!
At Raw Lounge we are passionate about nutrition & healthy eating along with training and maintaining a level of fitness. It is only natural that the food choices we make need to compliment and nourish our bodies and assist in maintaining a healthy, vibrant body with extra energy and wellness. It became obvious that natural wholesome foods are so beneficial in our daily diet that Raw Lounge was created. Here in Artarmon it could provide a healthier choice of delicious food options that are full of flavour to those busy people who want to consume foods more in their natural state and get the same health benefits.
The Raw Lounge concept was born to fit with a real fitness gym as we have never seen a Fitness facility attached to a performance food bar before and we all know that food is 80% of your training. It was clear to us that we wanted to provide people with an excellent training place (Lift & Box) whilst feed them healthy, nutritious food and also educate them on healthy food choices. Our Raw Food Detox is very effective. The Sydney Roosters Football Club implemented our detox program in 2013 and went on to win the premiership. We have had enormous success with individuals too. We believe our point of difference is in our combination of food and training facility.

​​Raise Your Vibration

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