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Raw Food Detox
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Lose up to 13kg in 3 weeks
Change Your Life Today!​​

Drop weight fast & keep it off
Restore energy & focus
Regain better sleep patterns
Harmonize your body & mind
​Learn to maintain a healthier Lifestyle


Healthy & delicious meals
Enjoy Delicious Food Today!​​

Satisfy your body with delicious food
Bulk up, Trim down or Training food
Wide variety of tasty healthy meals
Freshly prepared and balanced
​Learn to maintain a healthier Lifestyle


"I was 170kg and looking for that magic pill to lose weight. I lost more than 12kg doing the 3 week detox program. Now I am eating great meals from Raw Lounge, training daily and get great advice & personal service. I am down to 117kg and feel fitter and stronger than I've ever been" - Mark Majewski
"I finished the three week detox and I couldn't recommend it more! I came out 12kgs lighter with more energy and feeling better than I have in a long time. It'll change your life!" - Al Arnheim

Detox Raw Food Program

Delicious High Vibrational Fresh Raw Food

Reboot your system and return your body to a calorie burning machine

Our Detox Programs aim to get maximum results by cleansing your body and eradicating those harmfulchemicals left to clog up your filtering system. Feel fantastic and regain higher energy levels. Lose weight and restore your body's ability to experience a more conscious state of awareness, more balanced energy and greater satisfaction from food. Consuming more foods in their raw state and less processed has enormous health benefits. High vibrational foods gain energy frequency from the suns rays. Fresh, natural foods contain energy that has many benefits when consumed in its natural raw state. Foods that have preservatives, toxins or have been cooked contain little or no vibration and are called 'dead' foods. 
Our Detox Programs are plant based and are for 7 days, 14 days or the optimal duration of 21 days. Contact Us today to discuss your detox options and begin receiving the benefits from natural raw foods.
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Meal Prep Plans

​Boost your healthy body with protein packed training food

 ​​​​Our Meal Prep Food Plans aim to keep you on track with your healthy eating and training goals. Our delicious meals include a variety of home-cooked and prepared dishes that are high in protein to support the building block for muscle, bone, cartilage, skin and blood development. They also include a wide variety of different vegetables providing important nutrients, including potassium, dietry fibre, folate, vitamin A and Vitamin C. Our Meal Prep Food Plans are designed around your training requirements depending upon your energy excertion and overall goals. 

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